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Mission Eid-possible!Β 

As Salaam Alaikum,

I am on a mission, this year I will be breaking out my sewing machine and MAKING my own new abaya for Eid πŸ˜€

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Cha Cha Changes

As Salaam Alaikum,

It has been a busy, fun, crazy, stressful time while I’ve been away from this blog.

Sorry to keep you hanging!

I have some news:

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Triangle Filet Kufi Crochet Pattern Is Finally Here!

I’m pretty excited about it..

My pattern is all finished available at Ravelry and Etsy πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

You will need size 10 crochet thread, I used Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet thread, and 1.5mm and/or 1.9mm steel crochet hooks.

The finished products are meant for adult men (22-23″ head circumference) and come in two sizes, 20″x6″ and 19″x6″.

It is a fully written pattern in American crochet terms. 

My husband (23″ head) seems to prefer the smaller Kufi and tight kufis in general, but both sizes fit well.

Measure after row 12 to see if you’re on the right track. 

I hope you all love it as much as I do!

As Salaam Alaikum and Happy Hooking Y’all!

Vintage Yarn, Vintage Pattern

As Salaam Alaikum,

I will not shy away from saying my favorite yarn is old.. My favorite is Melrose Cravenella, a thin fingering weight yarn which became discontined at some point in the 80s, I’ve even bought a pattern book only because it had a crochet pattern for this yarn (a wedding dress!).

I’ve had some issues with finding the right patterns for this yarn, my most successful beingΒ this glove, which I’ve blogged about in the pastΒ so I’ve been wanting to add more to what I can make with it.

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Weight Loss Jouney P2: Slippery When Wet

As Salaam Alaikum y’all,

These past two+ weeks or so have been rocky. I fell for some moments of wanting ‘comfort foods’ and more snacking than I should have, but I was able to get back on the right path and continued exercising.

Then, I fell. Literally. I slipped on some mud and hurt myself. It took some days of recovery, and I’m still a little sore even a week later, but I was able to resume exercising πŸ‘Œ

Through it all I managed to lose 8 more pounds to bring my total to 18 lbs lost so far


Update We Have A Name!

I finally got my iPhone all fixed and the first thing I found on my browser tab was this pattern 😁

Pattern is Rustic Slouch Hat

Yarn: Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky

This pattern was very quick to crochet, and I enjoyed crocheting it. Plus I love the squish of the DN chunky yarn ❀ I know I will be making another one (or two) of these hats!

Weight Loss Start Line, Self Image and Motivation

As Salaam Alaikum,

As I’ve briefly mentioned in my last post, I’m going to be 30 in a few years. I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great if I was in the best shape of my life at 30?Β It is certainly possible: I’m still in good health, my babies have grown up a little where I can take more time for myself, and my husband is also interested in losing weight himself.

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Back To Blogging

As Salaam Alaikum,

I got some ‘splaining to do! πŸ˜‰

Lots of things have been happening since I last posted:

  1. I broke my iPhone, keeper of my passwords and method of my blogging. I had finally ordered the new parts and in the end of it all – complete disassembly and reassembly into a new back housing and everything – I need a new battery πŸ˜’ I finally broke down and reset my passwords to get back on wordpress.
  2. I slowed down in my crocheting and drawing. I have some things that haven’t been up on the blog, but they’re not really ready yet.
  3. I had two rounds of painful ear infections (my FIRST time!) and found out I’m probably allergic to one type of antibiotic.
  4. I just found out I’ll be turning 30 in a couple of years.Β  So I’ve decided to really try my best this time to lose weight and get in shape (that includes building muscle!) before I hit the big 3-0 and become an old lady…

I don’t know if I should blog about weight loss or fitness just yet – I’ve only lost 10lbs so far – or at all. Some input would be nice. Insha Allah we will see how this goes. 😎

P.S. I’m loving my new blog theme/colors!



In Other News…

I got to be crafty in a new, dirty way: play dough! 

I remember when my mom used to make me play dough and we even baked them to make hard objects (mostly “food” for my barbies..).

I used a simple recipe HERE, but I REALLY like the recipe at The Imagination Tree (minus the cream of tartar thankyouverymuch)….. πŸ™‚

I used some powder food coloring and it worked out just fine πŸ‘


I’m getting interested in making some more home crafts to make my boys more busy, any ideas? πŸ™‚

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