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The Day I Was Messaged By An Islamophobe (screen shots)

I’ll start with that this event had occurred on October 1st, it came and went, but it had stuck to the back of my mind. Part of me thought “it shouldn’t end here,” in this single private message app.

Hatred needs to be spread out in the open, so those who hate cannot feel safe in the anonymity of private messages. They should not feel safe in any place on the Internet.

(Oh and Language Warning)

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Wall Of Shame: What Does It Look Like to Begin a Craft

It was November of 2013, I took up the hook and yarn and swore that I would only crochet what I wanted to make, and learn by passion. I have never made a granny square or blanket (yet)..

So the results of some of my early works were hit and miss, and I have had to commit some serious crochet sins – such as cutting off about an inch of work on that heart headband, because it was too big and I chose not to frog and start over – but it was what got me to where I am today. đŸ™‚

How about you? How did your first year of crafting go?