As Salaam Alaikum,

I will not shy away from saying my favorite yarn is old.. My favorite is Melrose Cravenella, a thin fingering weight yarn which became discontined at some point in the 80s, I’ve even bought a pattern book only because it had a crochet pattern for this yarn (a wedding dress!).

I’ve had some issues with finding the right patterns for this yarn, my most successful being this glove, which I’ve blogged about in the past so I’ve been wanting to add more to what I can make with it.

Thats where this vintage pattern comes in. It was written for two strands of crochet thread worked at a time, for this I used two strands of Melrose Cravenella together. The result was a small (6″ circumference) glove.. I really wasn’t loving it when it was only plain, but I did warm up to it when adding the pearls! I used only one strand (and 1.9mm hook) for the edging on the cuff, which is partly as pattern and partly a separate edging pattern.

Pattern Pearl Gloves

Hooks: 3.5mm + 1.9mm

Yarn: Melrose Cravenella 😁

I’m having one dilemma, my hands are 7.5″ so they are too big for this glove, and so are my mannequin hands, so I may not make a partner for this one and instead make a larger matching pair 😡