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Back To Blogging

As Salaam Alaikum,

I got some ‘splaining to do! πŸ˜‰

Lots of things have been happening since I last posted:

  1. I broke my iPhone, keeper of my passwords and method of my blogging. I had finally ordered the new parts and in the end of it all – complete disassembly and reassembly into a new back housing and everything – I need a new battery πŸ˜’ I finally broke down and reset my passwords to get back on wordpress.
  2. I slowed down in my crocheting and drawing. I have some things that haven’t been up on the blog, but they’re not really ready yet.
  3. I had two rounds of painful ear infections (my FIRST time!) and found out I’m probably allergic to one type of antibiotic.
  4. I just found out I’ll be turning 30 in a couple of years.Β  So I’ve decided to really try my best this time to lose weight and get in shape (that includes building muscle!) before I hit the big 3-0 and become an old lady…

I don’t know if I should blog about weight loss or fitness just yet – I’ve only lost 10lbs so far – or at all. Some input would be nice. Insha Allah we will see how this goes. 😎

P.S. I’m loving my new blog theme/colors!





I am an ordinary American Muslim. Mother of two. My hobbies are crocheting, sewing and drawing. I like to think that I am funny, but that may just be my biased opinion.

2 thoughts on “Back To Blogging

  1. Welcome back and sorry to hear about your troubles. I know all about that feel, when it comes to only really having a phone to blog on. That was my computer for months for some time. I also understand slowing down on the side projects, sometimes life just doesn’t allow time for such activities but I am looking forward to what you post when it’s all ready. ^^
    Lastly as someone who has turned 30 recently (last year) I know about wanting to get be healthier, lose some of the bad weight and build some muscle. 10 pounds is nothing to scoff at so I think you should be proud and I’d be happy to hear about your progress because it’s something to celebrate and I would listen if you wanted to vent about backslide (because it’s sadly somewhat inevitable. -_-;;). All in all I’m glad to hear you’re back and well, I’m looking forward to future posts, and I’ll keep following regardless of the direction your blog goes.

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