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The Day I Was Messaged By An Islamophobe (screen shots)

I’ll start with that this event had occurred on October 1st, it came and went, but it had stuck to the back of my mind. Part of me thought “it shouldn’t end here,” in this single private message app.

Hatred needs to be spread out in the open, so those who hate cannot feel safe in the anonymity of private messages. They should not feel safe in any place on the Internet.

(Oh and Language Warning)

It all started with early news of the latest horrific school shooting. Among commenters on the news post on Facebook, there were some people who simply stated “Christian Terrorists” (this was before there was any information released about the shooter, confirmed: not muslim) and they received the typical hateful responses by white nationalists, where I thoughtfully chimed in about how statistics show that more right-wing extremists kill people in America than those actually labeled as terrorists (brown/muslim-y people).

[Worth Reading: Are all terrorists muslim? Not even close]

That was warrant enough for a Mister Martin to start his “private” rant in my message box..

[Identity has been -hairlariously- obscured to protect the privacy of M-man]


At first, I admit, I simply gave a default sarcastic response (about his mother), but then I took the bait and gave a real response. He questioned my pride as a woman to be muslim… While calling me ugly and other names. Ouch

I question his manliness for aggressively picking on a woman – the easiest and favorite target of bigots.

Dark and scary heart = righteous Christian man who loves his neighbors..

Is this WWE? 

My first typo 😱
(Ha ha ha, Aisha being so-and-so age?! That’s news to me! Gee I wonder how bigots know more about my religion and its history than I do.. Hmm….)

This is why my motto is ISIS is neither Islamic nor a State. Thugs with guns.. And maybe some goats.

Aw I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, wait wait a minute… Bl… Bleurgh.. 😷

And so it ends…

Hey if anyone has any stories of their experiences with hate, whatever the hate may be, you can share in the comment section!



I am an ordinary American Muslim. Mother of two. My hobbies are crocheting, sewing and drawing. I like to think that I am funny, but that may just be my biased opinion.

4 thoughts on “The Day I Was Messaged By An Islamophobe (screen shots)

  1. I’m sorry you have to deal with this ignorance, hate, and misogyny. This man is a terrible example of a human being regardless of faith and doesn’t understand common decency. You certainly don’t need my approval, but I believe you and your faith are beautiful because you uphold ideals of peace, respect, and kindness. Even while he was being so rude, disrespectful, and frankly evil you treated him with relative kindness and respect that he certainly did not deserve. I fervently hope the day comes soon when people are judged by their actions and not their religion.

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  2. I know it is an old post but I, as a Muslim, sometimes feel sorry for those who think they really understand what is Islam, while they inhale wrong information from I don’t know where 😐
    Anyway, you gave the right responses inshallah.

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    1. Only Allah SWT knows where they are fed this misinformation, but it is usually handed to them by zealots who wish to vilify Islam – either for religious reasons (some Christian pastors) or for political reasons (some presidential candidates or lobbying groups), among others.

      There seems to always be someone who wants to divide people, so we have to look for those who want to unite people.

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