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Wall Of Shame: What Does It Look Like to Begin a Craft

It was November of 2013, I took up the hook and yarn and swore that I would only crochet what I wanted to make, and learn by passion. I have never made a granny square or blanket (yet)..

So the results of some of my early works were hit and miss, and I have had to commit some serious crochet sins – such as cutting off about an inch of work on that heart headband, because it was too big and I chose not to frog and start over – but it was what got me to where I am today. 🙂

How about you? How did your first year of crafting go?



I am an ordinary American Muslim. Mother of two. My hobbies are crocheting, sewing and drawing. I like to think that I am funny, but that may just be my biased opinion.

One thought on “Wall Of Shame: What Does It Look Like to Begin a Craft

  1. Ha! “Wall of Shame”…. well, I can’t say I’m ashamed of anything I’ve made, since it IS part of me – so to speak. When I look back to this time last year, I did make some regrettable choices in yarns though. There was the forgettable fingerless mits I made for my mother (her hands get cold so easy) in Unforgettable. It’s a great yarn, with pretty color changes but definitely NOT the right kind of yarn for mits. In no time at all, they were fuzzed, fraying and stretched out. Then there was the slouchy hat I made for mom in a colorway of short color changes that looked like grandma’s apron of confetti colored spring flowers with lime-y green sprinkled throughout. One thing I have learned since the early days, is never crochet with yarn I don’t like to look at OR handle, and do my best to pick the right TYPE of yarn for a project. Better yet, I pick a yarn I love and then let IT tell me what it wants to become! Happy hookin’! =)

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