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Crochet Rose Hijab Pin

As Salaam Alaikum,

So happy to be done with this! I took a safety hijab pin and some crochet thread and made something beautiful and unique.


My mid-process, you can see the hijab pin, the rose and a rose bud done.
And when all done!

I certainly love wearing it and I like the dangling rose buds 🙂 as for a pattern, I based the flower off of a diagram but made quite a few changes, the two rose buds are my own experimental creation, and the green leaf is almost entirely based on a diagram..I had entertained the idea of adding some pearls somewhere, but that kind of stuff is all stored away, so maybe that will be for another time.

Oh! And I may  have gone a little overboard with editing my face out ⚓️ Y’arrn!



I am an ordinary American Muslim. Mother of two. My hobbies are crocheting, sewing and drawing. I like to think that I am funny, but that may just be my biased opinion.

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