Crochet Diagram Testers Wanted

This will be useful to anyone who wants to start working on my patterns before anyone else!
I need testers to try my crochet diagrams for accuracy, readability and difficulty ratings. The pattern is a newer version of the design shown above (other designs will become available at a later time).

You will be picking between child and adult sizes to work with.

The tester needs experience with crochet thread and experience reading and successfully working from crochet diagrams, as opposed to step by step written instruction.

Examples of previous crochet thread work would be appreciated, looking especially for doily makers!


I am back!

As Salaam Alaikum,
It has been a long while!
It was really hard to step away from my work here and focus on what I needed to do in real life. I have received many requests for my patterns and also received some very wonderful words of encouragement from you guys while I was away. I’m sorry for the long wait!

Well, after a long hiatus and because of this new school year – both of my babies are in school! – my schedule has opened up where I can resume working on my patterns. I will start with re-releasing already published patterns and then work on the unpublished ones. Insha’Allah!

I look forward to interacting with you all again, but I will need to keep my time available ONLY between 10am and 2pm Pacific Time, Mon-Fri.



Taaa Daaaa…

Just updated my blog’s theme and played around with it for a good 2 hours or so.. I’m completely bushed, but satisfied with what I’ve accomplished..


As’ Salaam Alaikum Y’all! I hope you are all well and fine.. I have a lot of plans this year! I’ve been toiling away at my Kufi pattern and acquired some quality pattern testers.. Hoping to get new Kufi patterns published by the end of this year Insha’Allah… Yes, I know I’m slow, but I am still a mom raising two boys, who manage to eat up more of my time as they grow larger and more independent (wasn’t the opposite supposed to happen?) and life in general has majorly gotten in the way of my crafting abilities.. Alhamdullilah for them all, as none of these things, by themselves, are bad things – but all of them combined results in little time for me time!

In the meantime, it’s getting cold outside again…

Now would be the perfect time to revisit my Rainbow Square Hat and Fair and Simple Kufi patterns! Keep warm and Hook-It-Up! (Dinotrux Theme Music)