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Closed for Ramadan

As Salaam alaikum! It has been a while since I have posted anything and I have been getting some messages from various platforms so I thought it is best to let it all out here:

1) I have disabled purchasing my kufi patterns after several emails citing confusion on how it is written, I have an updated version in the works and will update the pattern before I make it available again.

2) I don’t think it will be updated in time for Ramadan because of many factors making life a little too busy to dedicate to the pattern.

3) I still have some free patterns available on my blog such as ( ) that uses a thicker acrylic cotton blend, a simple 1 night kufi pattern.

4) I’m sorry for any disappointment, if you have purchased any of my patterns in the past I will still be available to help with any questions you may have, here or via my email

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Taaa Daaaa…

Just updated my blog’s theme and played around with it for a good 2 hours or so.. I’m completely bushed, but satisfied with what I’ve accomplished..


As’ Salaam Alaikum Y’all! I hope you are all well and fine.. I have a lot of plans this year! I’ve been toiling away at my Kufi pattern and acquired some quality pattern testers.. Hoping to get new Kufi patterns published by the end of this year Insha’Allah… Yes, I know I’m slow, but I am still a mom raising two boys, who manage to eat up more of my time as they grow larger and more independent (wasn’t the opposite supposed to happen?) and life in general has majorly gotten in the way of my crafting abilities.. Alhamdullilah for them all, as none of these things, by themselves, are bad things – but all of them combined results in little time for me time!

In the meantime, it’s getting cold outside again…

Now would be the perfect time to revisit my Rainbow Square Hat and Fair and Simple Kufi patterns! Keep warm and Hook-It-Up! (Dinotrux Theme Music)