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Fair and Simple Kufi Pattern

It’s finally here! And available on my blog for FREE. (PHOTO HEAVY)

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Backbiting is a Sin too

Do not let a person ridicule another person, perhaps they may be better than them…. [49:11]

A little Video I made…

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TFK2.0 “Arches” available in Shop

Pattern will be available soon!

Finding it hard to blog..

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It just seems right now, that I don’t have many things very interesting happening to blog about.. Although I did share news recently of my neighborhood Mosque being a victim of arson on Facebook, I didn’t think to add it here. 

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Trying To Not Blog Politics

As Salaam Alaikum y’all,

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually written a blog post, but if you’ve followed me on Facebook – you’ve seen I have still been active. 

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Pokemon Go and Fitness

As Salaam Alaikum,
I know I’m not the only one. Pokemon brings me back to my youth, when I had written out a letter bargaining with my parents, while also listing reasons why I SHOULD get a Gameboy Color 😆…. 
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Mission Failed :(

Well between feeling sick, headaches, and hosting a few dinner parties (alhamdullilah)… I did not get a single project finished!

My abaya was almost complete so I wore it to Eid prayer, but I’m not ready to show it off until I am completely done with it. Insha’Allah ✌

Old Sketches

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