Watch “Special Single Crochet” on YouTube

Using this slightly different single crochet in my latest pattern, Fairly Geometric Kufi


Crochet Diagram Testers Wanted

This will be useful to anyone who wants to start working on my patterns before anyone else!
I need testers to try my crochet diagrams for accuracy, readability and difficulty ratings. The pattern is a newer version of the design shown above (other designs will become available at a later time).

You will be picking between child and adult sizes to work with.

The tester needs experience with crochet thread and experience reading and successfully working from crochet diagrams, as opposed to step by step written instruction.

Examples of previous crochet thread work would be appreciated, looking especially for doily makers!

Mission Failed :(

Well between feeling sick, headaches, and hosting a few dinner parties (alhamdullilah)… I did not get a single project finished!

My abaya was almost complete so I wore it to Eid prayer, but I’m not ready to show it off until I am completely done with it. Insha’Allah ✌